Ecology, sustainability, positive social impact… we will strive to integrate these notions into our business development model.


It is hard to say since there is no official definition of a green development… putting solar cells or water heaters on your roof tops does not necessarily make you “green”…

So let’s say, we try to be!

Here are few elements showing we care about environmental impact …

  • Grand Marina bought a land in a very protected area. We can’t build higher than 4 storey.  If profit maximization was our first aim, we won’t have developed in such an area.
  • We develop a very low density development (total of sqm built compare with land size), and we will pay special attention to our gardens, to keep a real tropical feeling in our development.
  • We will build with precast walls, which will be made on site, limiting considerably transportation impact.
  • We are building with quality materials (doors, windows…) to make sure rooms insulation is at a good level and we are using LEDS lightings and Inverter air conditioners (energy savings)
  • We will implement waste separation.
  • To be “Green” is not only a technical thing, it is also (most of all?) an attitude which involves all the people operating a place, and people living in that place… starting with a reasonable use of electricity for instance.
  • At Grand Marina, we are not only building a condominium, we aim to create a unique venue, and our venue will promote nature preservation.


Being a sustainable business in not limited to environmental approach. It is a global approach, driven by long term thinking rather than short term profit, and where positive impact on local economy is also considered.

Here are few examples / guidelines which will give you an idea of Grand Marina “state of mind”:

  • We plan to sponsor local government to install public signage on the beaches “Keep beaches clean, don’t throw wastes”
  • We plan to sponsor the renovation of local fishermen peer which is presently not at a level. This explains why many fishermen presently station their boats in our channel. We won’t “chase them the hard way” like some Real Estate Developers might have done
  • Grand Marina will dedicate ground floor spaces to commercials but also to social and events spaces. An “Ocean Preservation center” is under consideration, as well as building strong links with local schools to make local children aware to the decline of biodiversity in the Oceans as well as global warming.