At Grand Marina Club & Residences, we strive to integrate ecology protection, sustainability and positive social impacts into our business development model.

  • Grand Marina Club & Residences stands as a very low density project in terms of both total sqm build/land size as well as it being only 4 storeys high. In the land that we have used for construction, we give back by ensuring the project has gardens and tropical plantation to give back to the environment.
  • The construction of the structure is done with precast walls made on site, meaning that we reduce transportation impact by a considerable amount.
  • Our rooms are built with high quality materials to ensure good room insulation in an effort to conserve energy. On top of that, the rooms are equipped with only energy-saving LED light and inverter air conditioners.
  • We implement waste separation to ensure recycling is done in all possible circumstances.


Alongside our efforts to protect the environment, we also approach Grand Marina Club & Residences with a focus on how we can positively impact the local economy in the long term.

  • We work alongside the local fishermen to ensure their livelihoods are not threatened by the project development, including a working relationship in selling their seafood onside.
  • We plan to sponsor the renovation of the local fishermen pier
  • We plan to sponsor local government authorities to install public signage on the beach to discourage visitors from littering and polluting the seafront
  • We have dedicated ground floor spaces for event spaces concerning social issues. An “Ocean Preservation Center” is also being constructed as an education center about the decline of biodiversity and the rise of global warming where visitors and local schools can visit.