Racer Marina Pranburi Hua Hin

Racer Marina & Grand Marina, a common vision

Racer Marina: ready to use facilities in Pranburi river

Did you know there was already a Marina just 30 minutes south of Hua Hin ? Located in Pranburi River (locate in Google Maps), Racer Marina has been existing for long time, but was not properly maintained and operated… until it was bought (2 years ago) by a European investor, who has put significant amounts of money, energy and expertise to bring it back to good standards.

100 moorings (50 available) and full maintenance services with European management

Racer Marina can welcome any type of boats on its brand new pontoons, and its qualified staffs are able to perform any kind of maintenance or repairs services. If you need to station your boat in the area, or need some services or professional advise on any technical issues relating to boating, just contact them. The Manager of the Marina can speak English, Thai and French and will be glad to assist you. Visit their website.

Promoting sailing experience in Hua Hin surroundings

Racer Marina also takes concrete actions to improve sailing experience in Hua Hin – Pranburi area. For instance, Racer Marina is working together with local authorities and beachfront hotels or restaurants to install mooring buoys making possible for recreational boaters to enjoy beachfront facilities during their day trips in the area.

Grand Marina and Racer Marina: a common vision

Grand Marina aims to build a unique recreational complex with condominiums, hotel, and unique facilities including a Marina, sharing same boat passion with Racer Marina. Various synergies will exist between the two projects, yet remaining independents :

  • Since Grand Marina boating facilities won’t be fully operational before 2019, we will be happy to recommend Racer Marina for people looking for a boat mooring till then, and even in the future, depending on customers’ needs and preferences in terms of location, price and service offered
  • Grand Marina won’t offer maintenance or repair services and will there fore entrust Racer Marina for all maintenance works for its stationing boats
  • Grand Marina and Racer Marina teams are in regular contacts to share their experience and ideas on how to promote sailing to a larger public and give it the importance it deserves in the beautiful area of Thailand
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