An interview with Rene Seerup, CEO of Grand Marina Club & Residences

What is the story behind Grand Marina Club and Residences? Find out from one of the co-founders as he shares his inspiration for the marina and why Sam Roi Yot was the perfect location.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at the Grand Marina Club & Residences.

My name is Rene Seerup. Back in Norway, I worked in construction and project management before moving to Thailand to do housing developments ten years back. Now I’m the co-founder and CEO of Grand Marina Club & Residences.

What is the idea/inspiration behind the Grand Marina Project and what does it aim to achieve?

The inspiration definitely came from the area, which is very natural and beautiful. The mountain peaks and long beaches remind me of the southern part of Thailand where people would go boating. The project stemmed from the fact that there are no marinas operating in this area to offer that experience, despite the land being perfect for it, which is why we wanted to create one.

What makes Grand Marina Club & Residences stand out as a project amongst the other residential projects in the area?

The project will be the only residential space with a private marina in this area. Even when compared to other marina projects in other parts of Thailand, we are different in that we are a leisure marina. We don’t do repairs or dry docking – we are rather a clean boat parking space, where you can enjoy the boating life in a leisurely way.

Can you share more about the sustainability philosophy and initiatives behind the project?

The piece of land is a very natural area, which is why we love it. We are working hard to make sure that the construction preserves the natural landscape as best as possible. On top of that, we always consider how we can work closely with the locals in the area, such as buying seafood directly from the fishermen to sell to our residents or providing space in the canal for them to park their boats. The colourful Thai boats are part of the charm of the area and we don’t want to interfere with it in any way.

Tell us about the design of the Grand Marina Club & Residences.

The unique design of the project blends elements of Scandinavian and Thai architecture into one exciting creation. On the Scandinavian side, we have prioritized large, breezy balconies for the rooms and spacious sundeck areas as well as the method of soft scaping in the creation. The elements of Thainess comes in the intricate designs and patterns, with structures like Thai salas.

Why is Sam Roi Yot the perfect destination?

This is a truly untouched piece of land where you can easily find your own spot on the beach. It’s rare nowadays to find such a space in Thai beaches away from the crowds. The location of the Grand Marina project specifically is also situated at a dead end, meaning that you don’t get passing cars to disrupt the peaceful environment. Simply put, you’re too late to go to Hua hin. This is the next big thing.

What are the best activities to do around there?

Many people might not realize that, despite being an untouched beach, the infrastructure around Sam Roi Yot is great. There are fantastic bicycle lanes around and the roads are very well built – making it a perfect getaway for cyclists. There’s also great nature around, such as caves to explore and plenty of trekking spots.

What makes Thailand, and in particular Sam Roi Yot, a great destination for foreigners to invest in property?

The weather in Thailand is incomparably warm and very reliable when it comes to boating. Combined with the friendly culture and smiling people, it’s the perfect tropical destination for Europeans. From an investment perspective, retired Europeans get a lot of value for money when buying here. I don’t see any other destination better than Thailand for Asian investment at the moment.

Thai beaches are hugely popular with Scandinavians. Do you have an idea as to why?
In Scandinavia, you might be lucky to get to swim in the ocean twice a year. Here, the warm climate means that you can swim in the water all year around and it’s always a perfect climate for boating. Boating is a freedom. Scandinavians love boating and spending time with fishing with family, meaning they’ll definitely be willing to travel for it and consider it as a factor when considering investment options.

Last but not least, can you summarize The Grand Marina Club & Residences and why people shouldn’t miss out on it?

The Grand Marina Club & Residences is a go-to destination for all your holiday needs, combining shopping, dining, boating and relaxing in one area. It’s a destination where you can easily spend 2-3 weeks with your family and properly relax. It’s a must-go for water lovers, thanks to us offering sports like boating, sailing, jet skiing, kite surfing and even a yacht club in the future. Even if you don’t own your own boat, you can rent one and experience the ocean in a new way.


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