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Khun Jeng

Q1: Do we provide financial support?

A: Yes, we are planning to. We are approaching the bank to help offer financing services to foreigners with strict terms and conditions on their availability, we will update once the information is final.

Q2: What is the average cash back and rental return in the market?

A: The average cash back in the market is varies and around (5-10%).? . The reliable project will offer conservative profit to ensure that the guaranteed return is materialize

Q3: Why do we need to invest in Samroiyod than Hua-Hin?

A: Because Samroiyod is going to develop ,It is a good time for investor to put in the low investment with prospect high return.

Q4: What is included/excluded for 3 weeks holidays once join rental program?

A: The holiday include the stay at your own unit. The period can be split up to 3 weeks a year during May-Oct . The owner is responsible for electricity, water supply bills and club member fee during their visit.

Q5: Are there adequate access to essential services like health care facilities, public transportation around project.

A: Yes, there are and the infrastructure around Sam Roi Yot is great. There are fantastic bicycle lanes around and the roads are very well built. Pranburi Hospital , train and bus station is around 15-20 KM away from the project.


Khun Na

Q1: What are the differentiation/uniqueness of GMC project when compare with the others? Why I need to invest in this project?

  • Grand Marina Beach Zone has 280 meters-wide beach front) with great combination scenery of Beach, Monkey Islands, Sam Roi Yod National Park & Mountains. This is Hua-Hin’s only leisure Marina for small and medium sailboats and motorboats with its trendy Marina-side promenade with 4-stars marina-side luxury serviced apartments.

A great property for Investment; 

  • RENTAL RETURN PROGRAM with 6% RETURN GUARANTEED for 5 years of management under a renewable contract, MANAGING BY PROFESSIONAL HOTEL MANAGEMENT COMPANY + 3 weeks of personal use per year during May – October
  • PLUS CASH BACK 6% (Special Campaign LIMITED offer for you in case of 100% payment)
  • SOLID RESELL VALUE  (Riviera Thailand Project has just been approved by the Cabinet. This is the tourism campaign in the coastal western provinces, which cover the west coast of Southern of Thailand starts from Pranburi to Chomporn. So Pranburi is going to be another PRIME AREA with HIGH VALUE OF INVESTMENT.)

Q2: What are benefits of joining the rental program? How many years guaranteed contract? Can buyer renew the contract?

  • RENTAL RETURN PROGRAM with 6% RETURN GUARANTEEDfor 5 years of management under a renewable contract, MANAGING BY PROFESSIONAL HOTEL MANAGEMENT COMPANY + 3 weeks of personal use per year during May – October. The buyer can renew the program after 5 years.
  • No worry about uncertainty of rental rates during low/high seasons when compares with buyer who arranges their own rental
  • Legally as we will have the hotel license
  • No worry about all arrangement for rental i.e. housekeeping, safety of the room, furniture and appliances.

Q3: Distances from Bangkok, Huahin Center City, Other facilities: hospital, supermarket and markets?

  • Bangkok: 230 km.
  • Huahin City Center: 30 km.
  • Tesco Lotus Pranburi: 15 km.
  • Markets: 10 km.

Q4: What are nearby interesting places/activities?

  • 20 minutes by car to Sam Roi Yot National Park: “The mountain with three hundred peaks” by its name and refers to a series of limestone hills along the Gulf of Thailand with highest one at 605m above the sea level. The northwest corner of the mountain range is called Thung Sam Roi Yot and is mainly freshwater marsh covering nearly 37% of the national park which makes it the largest wetlands area in Thailand. It is the first marine national park of Thailand. (https://www.thainationalparks.com/khao-sam-roi-yot-national-park)
  • 15 minutes by motor boat to Monkey Island: The beautiful and untouched beach, super natural with plenty of monkeys and pine trees, good for going out to relax and take sun on a virgin beach
  • Where else, please recommend.

Q5: What is the plan of construction? When the project will totally complete?

  • Construction plan for F1 & F2 Buildings: (Expected)
  • Piling – July 2018
  • Rising – September 2018
  • Roof – January 2019
  • Complete – July 2019
  • Whole project complete: in 5 years (Expected)

pranburi harbor

Khun Pla

Q1: What can you give us as a guarantee that you are different and will complete the project as you promised?

A: We are not a big brand, but we are unique.
We can only assure you that our project cannot be compared to any other project, as we not only build to look for the profit, but we also want to create a special place for special buyers.

As an investor, you certainly know that it can sometimes go down in the pants (risks).

But we as GMC have a strong background and we always have our promise as a goal.

Q2: How can you guarantee the 6% yield for up to 5 years if you have no income?

A: Actually, that should be our concern, but if you ask, we will not be a hotel for 2-3 nights. We will focus our market on extended Stay (2-3 weeks), our CEO have already gained an experience and we have the market for it already.

Q3: What would be happen to me (what do I have to pay for) if I would like to use my Unit for more than 21 days?

A: That is a good question, could you please give me a bit time, I will get an answer for you and will get back to you again soon.

Q4: If I do not want to join the ROI program, can I handle my Unit after the transfer as I would like? Example: I buy type C and will make it only one bedroom with a large living room, is that possible?

A: In the Agreement said, that usually the buyer shall not perform any alteration, addition or renovation to the structure, walls, floor or ceiling of the Condominium Unit or anything affixed to the Condominium Unit, but should you prefer a bigger Size, we would like to recommend you another Type.

Q5: What would the cost will be, if I would like to rent the berth (for my yacht) for 1 year and can I sublet it?

A: That is a good question, could you please give me a bit time, I will get an answer for you and will get back to you again soon.

boat beach thailand

Khun O

Q1: What happened, if I would like to leave the Rental Guarantee Contract?

A: ** I think this should be from Khun RENE

Q2: Can we still earn an extra income, if we don’t use our Unit at all or less than 21 days of our own use?

A: If you could not fulfill the 21 days own-stay, there will be no extra income or redemption.

Q3: How can you manage the Fishing Boats?

A: We have signed the agreement with Local Alike, our  partner who is special of managing the relationship with the local village and included the Fishing Boats, to send out the right message to the Fishing Boat for the project, lastly to avoid any conflict

Q4:  When you expected the EIA to be approved for the whole project?

A: The EIA application is being planned and work by our EIA Consultant, once all document is ready to be submit, it will take at least 18 months to be approved.

Q5: What are included in the Common Area for Family Zone?

A: Corridor, 2 Stair, 2 lifts, parking, Office