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Blessing a New House Ceremony for Site Office

On Saturday the 28th April 2018, Grand Marina Company Limited held the New House Ceremony for the new ‘SITE OFFICE’  at 307 Moo 2, T. Samroiyod A.Samroiyod Prachuabkhirikhan Thailand.

If you spend long enough in Thailand, or have Thai friends, at some point you may find yourself attending a tam boon or making merit ceremony when a Thai friend or acquaintance buys a new house. A tam boon ceremony is the occasion when monks from a local temple come to the house and hold a ceremony to bless the house. In Thai culture, having a tam boon ceremony when buying a new house is often more important than buying furniture. Many Thais believe if they don’t hold a tam boon ceremony they’ll have bad luck while living in the new house and it’s not something they’re about to leave to chance.

Tam boon ceremonies in Thailand are always held in the morning, regardless of the purpose of the ceremony, as they require the services of nine Thai Buddhist monks. As monks have to eat their last meal of the day by noon and a meal must be provided to them after the ceremony ends, the tam boon ceremony must begin early enough so the monks can finish their meal before the clock strikes 12.


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